jazz pianist & composer

Antje Rößeler - Fotograf: Oliver Look

I’m a Jazz pianist & composer from Berlin, and a “Nordic Master of Jazz”

Images – stories – jazz

I was born in Berlin-Charlottenburg in January 1989. As the child of two cellists, I received very serious classical violin and piano lessons and trained in ballet. However, I experienced my creativity more in writing stories and painting pictures. My first word was “Bilder” (images/pictures).

With jazz, which I discovered as a 14-year-old in the big bands of the Jazzkooperative Berlin, a new fascinating world and a more creative approach to music and my piano playing opened up to me.

You can find detailed information about me and my career under press material!

Jazz for Worldpeace

Jazz cannot be defined musically – only historically.

The jazz tradition is simply that which is passed on (lat. tradere = to hand down). Jazz people are constantly developing and changing what jazz is or who calls themselves a jazz person. I like the identification with the word jazz because it implies a sense of belonging without any “you have to”.

One can immerse oneself completely in one’s own world and from there, with compositions, improvisations and a common jazz language, describe it and, above all, communicate with the others and let their worlds become one with one’s own.

Jazz for Worldpeace!