jazz pianist & composer

Antje Rößeler - Fotograf: Oliver Look

Composing is an important part of my existence.

My own pieces are often for trio with bass and drums,

but can also be played in other smaller ensembles or solo.

The reference to the jazz tradition sometimes has more, sometimes less influence, so the proportion of composed and more or less free parts also varies. They mostly refer directly to experienced or imagined events, places, images, people, feelings..

That’s why I also like to write music for given things, for example:

– to the statue of a dancer

Commissioned for the exhibition “Canova and the Dance” at the Bode Museum Berlin in 2016.

The pieces “Drehseufzer, Aufrichten, En Dans” also ended up on the album “Stockholm Trio”.

(Psst: “En Dans” actually existed long before the exhibition and I then used it for that).

Auftritt im Bodemuseum mit Fabian Timm (b)

– to pictures or dance

…or with image and dance, as with Henrika Kurkimäki at concerts in Helsinki 2018/19..

Henrika also painted the picture for the “Stockholm Trio” album cover – first in the video for “Sending A Phoenix”.

– to movies

Music for the short film “Mama“

DFFB, 2015, Director: Samuel Auer

My pieces “Goodbye Stockholm” and “That Was for You” as well as a specially composed blues were used for the film and recorded by me and Otto Hirte (sax). We play them there as background musicians in the restaurant scene.

Standbild aus dem Film Mama des Regisseurs Samuel Auer

– to poems

The Berlin poet Ute Strub sent me her poems to set to music.

This resulted in two pieces, “Der Liebe Dunkelheiten” and “Versteinerung”.